API 错误代码与描述

101不正确的 APP IDIncorrect APP ID
102此应用已被禁用,请至 submail > 应用集成 > 应用 页面开启此应用This APP has been disabled
103未启用的开发者,此应用的开发者身份未验证,请更新您的开发者资料Developer is not available
104此开发者未通过验证或此开发者资料发生更改。请至应用集成页面更新你的开发者资料Developer is not available, please update your developer identity
105此账户已过期This account is expired
106此账户已被禁用This account has been disabled
107sign_type (验证模式)必须设置为 MD5(MD5签名模式)或 SHA1(SHA1签名模式)或 normal (密匙模式).Invalid sign_type. The sign_type must be set as MD5 or SHA1 or normal
108signature 参数无效Invalid signature
109appkey 无效Invalid appkey
110sign_type 错误Invalid sign_type
111空的 signature 参数Empty signature
112应用的订阅与退订功能已禁用。This APP’s subscription system has been disabled
113请求的 APPID 已设置 IP 白名单,您的 IP 不在此白名单范围APPID request has been set IP whitelist your IP is not in the scope of this white list
114该手机号码在账户黑名单中,已被屏蔽This phone number has been blocked by account blocklist
115该手机号码请求超限This phone number request frequency limit
116签名错误,该签名已被其他应用使用并已申请固定签名The SMS signature has been using other appid
117该模板已失效,短信模板签名与固定签名不一致或你的账户已取消固签,请联系 SUBMAIL 管理员The SMS templates error
118该模板已失效,请联系SUBMAIL管理员The SMS templates error
119您不具备使用该API的权限,请联系SUBMAIL管理员Permission Denied
120模板已失效The SMS templates error
151错误的 UNIX 时间戳timestamp error
152错误的 UNIX 时间戳,请将请求 UNIX 时间戳 至 发送 API 的过程控制在6秒以内Invalid timestamp
201未知的 addressbook 模式Unkown address book model
202错误的收件人地址Incorrect recipient email address
203错误的收件人地址。如果你正在使用 adressbook , 你所标记的地址薄不包含任何联系人。Incorrect recipient e-mail address! if you are using the addressbook model, this addressbook does not have any contacts
204请将收件人名称 (to_name)控制在50个字符以内。Please limit to_name to 50 characters
205错误的发件人地址。Invalid from address
206错误的发件域。在此域名被 SUBMAIL 验证之前,你不能使用此域 $fromDomain 发送任何邮件Invalid domain ,before the domain validation , this domain $fromDomain can not sending any e-mail
207请将发件人名称(from_name)控制在50个字符以内Please limit from_name to 50 characters
208错误的回复地址Invalid reply address
209请将抄送联系人(cc)控制在10个以内。CC emails is limited to 10 or less addresses
210请将暗送联系人(bcc)控制在10个以内。BCC emails is limited to 10 or less addresses
211to 和 to_name 参数不匹配,多个收件人和收件人称谓需要严格匹配to and to_name parameter mismatch
213此联系人已退订你的邮件系统。This contact has unsubscribed your mail system
215错误的收件人地址。Incorrect recipient e-mail address
216错误的收件人地址Incorrect recipient e-mail address
217错误的收件人地址。Incorrect recipient e-mail address
251错误的收件人地址(message)Incorrect recipient message address
252错误的收件人地址(message)如果你正在使用 adressbook 模式,你所标记的地址薄不包含任何联系人。IIncorrect recipient message address, if you are using the addressbook model, this addressbook does not have any contacts
253此联系人已退订你的短信系统。This contact has unsubscribed your messaging system.
254不存在的国际手机号码。Can not match the International Phone number.
255不支持的国际手机号码。Unsupported Region Phone number.
270你的联系人总数已超过15万最大限制The maximum volumn of your contacts is 150000.
301邮件标题不能为空。Subject cannot be empty
302请将邮件标题控制在100个字符以内。The subject is limited to 100 characters
303没有填写邮件内容。Contents cannot be empty
304错误的邮件类型。邮件类型(type)参数必须设置为 html 或 text。Invalid mail type. The E-mail type must be set as html or text
305没有填写项目标记Project ID cannot be empty
306无效的项目标记Invalid Project ID
307错误的 json 格式。 请检查 vars 和 links 参数Incorrect json format, please check vars and link parameters
308附件大小超过最大可接受的范围,请将附件大小的总和控制在 10 MB 以内。Attachment file size exceeds the maximum acceptable size, the total size of the attachment should less than 10MB.
309错误的 json 格式。 请检查 headers 参数Incorrect json format, please headers parameters
310tag参数长度不能超过32个字符。The tag is limited to 32 characters
401短信签名不能为空。Message signature cannot be empty
402请将短信签名控制在40个字符以内。Please limit message signature to 40 characters
403短信正文不能为空Message content cannot be empty
404请将短信内容(加上签名)控制在400个字符以内。Please limit message content and signature to 400 characters
405依据当地法律法规,以下’$var’词或短语不能出现在短信中。According to local laws and regulations, the following '$var' word or phrase can not appear in a text message
406项目标记不能为空Project ID cannot be empty
407无效的项目标记Invalid Project ID
408你不能向此联系人或此地址簿中包含的联系人发送完全相同的短信。You cannot send same messages to this contact or the contact in the address book
409尝试发送的短信项目正在审核中,请稍候再试。This SMS project is being reviewed, please try again later.
410multi 参数无效empty multi value
411您必须为每条短信模板提交一个短信签名,且该签名必须使用全角大括号”【“和”】“包括起来,请将短信签名的字数控制在2至10字符以内(括号不计算字符数)empty sms signature
412请将短信签名的字数控制在10字符以内(括号不计算字符数)empty sms signature
413请将短信签名的字数控制在2到10个字符之间(括号不计算字符数)empty sms signature
414请提交短信正文empty sms content
415请将短信正文的字数控制在256个字符以内Please limit sms content to 256 characters
416请将短信标题的字数控制在64个字符以内Please limit sms content to 64 characters
417请提交需要更新的模板IDEmpty template Id
418尝试更新的模板不存在Target template does not exist
419短信正文不能为空The sms content cannot be empty
420找不到可匹配的模板There is no template match
421语音模板正在审核中,请稍后再试This voice project is being reviewed, please try again later
422请控制您的模板长度在255个字符内。Please limit message content and signature to 255 characters
501错误的目标地址簿标识Invalid target addresbook sign.
601语音验证码必须为4位数字Voice verification code must be 4 digits
801彩信主题不能为空ths MMS Subject can not empty
802彩信媒体文件超过85kb了,请控制在85kb之内The MMS package has exceeded 85 KB, please limit to 85 KB
803彩信模板正在审核中,请稍后再试。This MMS project is being reviewed, please try again later.
804请限制彩信标题为64个字符之内Please limit MMS title to 64 characters
805请限制彩信标题为64个字符之内Please limit MMS subject to 64 characters
806彩信正文为空The MMS content parameter is empty
807彩信标题不能为空The MMS subject parameter is empty
808彩信内容超过9页,请限制在9页以内The MMS content have more then 9 pages, Please limit to 9 pages
809彩信内容错误,无法找到任何有效的元素The MMS content error, unable to find any valid elements
810无法在彩信中同时使用图像和音频元素Unable to use both image and audio elements in MMS
811图像元素缺少数据参数The image element is missing data parameter
812图像元素缺少类型参数The image element is missing type parameter
813图像类型只支持 image/jpg,image/jpeg,image/png,image/gif格式The image type only supports image/jpg, image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif
814音频元素缺少数据参数The audio element is missing data parameter
815音频元素缺少类型参数The audio element is missing type parameter
816音频文件只支持,MP3,wav,midi格式The audio type only supports audip/mp3, audio/wav, audio/midi
817彩信正文参数不正确The MMS content parameter is incorrect
818读取图片文件时发生异常An exception occurred while reading the image
819图片数据流base64编码不正确The image data parameter contains incorrect base64 data
820请限制图片的大小在85kb之内Please limit the image size to 85 KB
821图片同步失败,请联系SUBMAIL管理员The image file sync failed, please contact SUBMAIL administrator....
822音频文件base64编码不正确The audio data parameter contains incorrect base64 data
823请限制音频的大小在85kb之内Please limit the audio file size to 85 KB
824音频同步失败,请联系SUBMAIL管理员The audio file sync failed, please contact SUBMAIL administrator....
825请限制彩信总大小在85kb之内Please limit the total MMS size to 85 KB
826彩信签名为空empty MMS signature
827请将彩信签名限制在10个字符以内Please limit MMS signature to 10 characters
828请将彩信签名限制在2-10个字符以内Please limit MMS signature to 2-10 characters
901你今日的发送配额已用尽。如需提高发送配额,请至 submail > 应用集成 >应用 页面开启更多发送配额Your quota has been filled for the day
902您的邮件发送许可已用尽或您的余额不支持本次的请求数量。如需继续发送,请至 submail.cn > 商店 页面购买更多发送许可后重试。Your mail account credit is not enough to support your sending request
903您的短信发送许可已用尽或您的余额不支持本次的请求数量。如需继续发送,请至 submail.cn > 商店 页面购买更多发送许可后重试。Your message account credit is not enough to support your sending request
904您的账户余额已用尽或您的余额不支持本次的请求数量。如需继续充值,请至 submail.cn > 商店 页面购买更多发送许可后重试。Your money account credit is not enough to support your charge request
905您的账户余额已用尽或您的余额不支持本次的请求数量。如需继续充值,请至 submail.cn > 商店 页面购买更多发送许可后重试。Your transactional sms credit is not enough to support your sending request
1004URL不能为空The URL can not empty
1005无效urlInvalid URL
1006无效域名Invalid Domain
1007请将密码限制在256个字符以内Please limit the Password to 256 characters
1008请求超过单月限制Request exceeds month limit
1009密码访问权限被拒绝Password access permission denied
1010访问限制权限被拒绝Access limit permission denied
1011没有设置过期权限Expire permission denied
1012请将有效期限制在365天内Please limit the expiration to 365 days
1013url被列入系统黑名单The URL is blocked by system blocklist
1014超过频率限制,请限制短链接的请求频率在每分钟60次以内。Exceed the frequency limit, please limit the request of shorturl get type to 60 times per minute.
1015URL参数不正确URL parameter is incorrect
1016URL不存在或短URL已过期URL does not exist or Short URL expired
1017短链接群组超出限制Short URL Group exceeds limit
1018pause参数设置为String类型,"true"或者"false"The pause parameter should be set to true or false value as a string
1019请把有效期限制在30天内Please limit the expiration to 30 days
1020请把有效期限制在90天内Please limit the expiration to 90 days
1021请把有效期限制在3年之内Please limit the expiration to 3 years

注: 当 API 返回 307或者 309错误时,服务器会给出具体的 JSON decoding 错误原因。

json_decoding_error 参数将以数字形式标注错误代码


1 = 到达了最大堆栈深度

2 = 无效或异常的 JSON

3 = 控制字符错误,可能是编码不对

4 = 语法错误

5 = 异常的 UTF-8 字符,也许是因为不正确的编码